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  1. Learning to sell on Poshmark
    You are never too old to join poshmark and earn money selling the clothes in your closet you are no longer wearing. Cleaning out your closet was never so easy or so fun! Buy new clothes for your or your grandchildren with your proceeds.
  2. Miami Beach Living for over 60
    Miami Beach is a great alternative to traditional retirement areas of Florida. It has a great transportation system, culture, beautiful beaches and city like living with a tropical island feel.
  3. Reinventing yourself over 60
    In this video chat Sandra gives examples of several people over 60 who have opened a new chapter in their lives or have been recognized for their accomplishments in their earlier years. Proof that you, too, can have a fulfilling life over 60, perhaps even in another career of your dreams. It's never over until it's over, that's for certain.
  4. Pets and You
    So many positive things Pets And You bring. It's true; those licking, stubborn and unconditional living creatures can be the best of companions. ... In fact, pets have been shown to reduce blood pressure and stress levels in humans and can actually help lower cholesterol, fight depression and help protect against heart conditions.
  5. Going Sexy and Silver over Sixty with Sandra
    Ditching the dye: How to go gray, gracefully! In my video chat I talk about the trend of women letting their hair grow out from under the dye and going natural. More and more women are ditching the dye and having the confidence in their natural beauty in their 60's and even younger. Going natural is an easy way to look beautiful without having to go to your colorist. Let's make our lives easier and retain our beauty at the same time. Natural is nice.
  6. Moments in your life that lead to something else better
    Unexpected Moments In Life Join Sandra Hart in her conversation about life's unexpected moments. Sandra talks about moments in her life that have changed her direction. not always good changes, but ones that lead her to something else better. She asks whether you can think of those milestones in your life that maybe have altered the course of your path ahead