Sandra | Author Actress

Meet The Team

Well they say family is eveything and in my case it is true!  My son my daughters my husband and friends we are a team. providing a sense of belonging, offering each other life sustaining love & support. I have been so blessed with both a husband three loving children & many dear friends.
  1. Alison Thompson
    Alison M. Thompson
    My daughter Alison is my hero. She is champion to all of life's unfairness. A born animal lover, she lives on a horse farm & works for the Justice Dept. in Lexington KY, with her beautiful children Billy and McClain & horses, cats and dogs galore.
  2. Emerson Hart
    Emerson L. Hart
    Emerson is my song bird. A truly gifted singer song writer. He has left his mark on the world leaving us with beautiful words & music. Father to my grandbaby Lucienne and husband to my beautiful daughter in-law Heather, I am so proud!
  3. Brett A. Thompson
    Brett is my most sensitive child. She is creative, kind and has a great sense of humor. We share a love of film, home decor & organization. She "Flys The Friendly Skys" for her day job and sells teddy bears for charity in her spare time.
  4. Arthur J. Rand
    My husband Arthur what else can I say about him other than for 32 years he has been my faithful partner in crime. His lust for living, his penchant for travel and his obsession with the well being of animals has made our journey together a fun one.
  5. Sofi
    My best friend Sofi...sorry Arthur! Sofi has been my loyal cuddly companion for the last 7 years and she continues to provide me with my daily exercise, puppy kisses and comic relief. May we have many more years of fun and companionship.
  6. Pesto
    Pesto is Sofi's partner in crime and Arthur's shadow. Sofi is laid back and Pesto is a little tornado, but he is so sweet loyal and adds so much to our lives, sweet little pesto!
  7. Alison, Mclain and Billy
    Billy & McClain Murphy
    My daughter Alison's two children are my valadictorians and athletes. Straight A report cards, a Championship winning girls basketball team kind, considerate and loving, what Nana could be prouder of these amanzing young adults.
  8. Alison, Mclain and Billy
    Lucienne & Heather
    My beautiful grand daughter Luci has the biggest heart and engaging personality & pretty smile. My daughter in-law Heather is an awesome stepmother, hardworking dedicated nurse and great partner & wife to my son Emerson. I love them both.
  9. Alison, Mclain and Billy
    Marshell Cottrell
    Marshell is my oldest grandson. He is kind, funny and loves learning and studying things he is passionate about. Right now it's film, video & acting. My go to guy for tech support Marshell is always lending a hand to his Nana!
  1. Queen Mary 2 Arthur, Brett & Captain Wells
  2. Arthur and me in Miami
  3. Managing Director
  4. Arthur and Sandra at Monty's on the bay
  5. Sandra at the Bean in Chicago
  6. Alison and Me on our transatlantic journey
  7. alison, and children Billy and Mclain
  8. Managing Director
  9. Managing Director