Sandra | Author Actress
​For a long time now I have tended to think of my life as chapters. Some have been great, but then some have not and if I had a real working Magic Mirror would have asked to skip over those. But that is life for most of us isn't it?

After college I had the pleasure of auditioning for Bert Claster, the creator of a syndicated television children's program called Romper Room. I got the job as Miss Sandra, the host of Romper Room, and that was the beginning of the television chapter in my long book of life. Nothing ever stays the same does it?

To me, that's a good thing because that experience in front of the camera gave me the skills to move up to the newsroom as an anchor and then hosting my own afternoon news/talk show for a CBS affiliate. I have always found people interesting and what motivates us to be who we are, so for me this was a perfect fit.

Running in tandum with my work life and behind the camera was a real life of marriage and children and pets and family. but as I said before, nothing ever stays the same.

Chapter Two. Within a period of ten years I would experience one of my darkest chapters. I lost my husband, moved to the East Coast and chose another career direction so that I could spend more time with my children. This I call my corporate reorganizing chapter. For the first time I was not in front of a camera, but working in the corporate arena in marketing.

ChapterThree. Career success, but dark time of struggling while juggling a demanding career and motherhood. You know that feeling. Just day to day, trying to keep things together and do the right things for your family. I don't know how, but we all survived that chapter and I can look back and say it did end on a high note. The next chapter was a beginnig of the end of my darkest lie events.

​Chapter Four. I met and married a wonderful man who has been so supportive of my dreams. At the age of fifty I gave up my corportae life and began an acting career in movies, television and the theater in New York. I have had the pleasure of working with such film directors as Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese, Babet Schroeder and Barry Sonnenfeld. This was my life's dream and I was living it. I thought at my age it couldn't get any better. But I was wrong.

Chapter Five. In 2000 I decided to sit down at my word procecessor (remember them) and started writing about Chapters Two and Three. My dark chapters. As a cartharsis, I thought it would help to put my thoughts on paper. Well, it did, but something else, something enexpected also happened. I discovered I loved to write. I loved it more than acting, or being in front of a camera. Putting my thoughts on paper and sending them out into the universe was so freeing for me.

Chapter Six. So here I am with with five published books, a wordpress blog, Facebook page, Instagram and twitter accounts. I'm even on Pintrest and Poshmark. My grandchildren have allowed me to be their social media friends. Imagine! You can't get cooler than that. Honestly, I am looking forward to the next chapters and hope you will follow along with me as I begin them.. Let's do this together.

Chapter Seven is now in the planning and will be unveiled in the next few months...a vlog and podcast that will explore all ways we can lead a happy and meaningful life afrer sixty. I hope to see you there.

Thanks for stopping by to learn a little more about me,